1.   Attendance

 (a) School begins each day at 08.15 with a morning assembly and ends at 14.30.  All students are to arrive in time so as to join the morning assembly.  Students who come late will have to stay after school to catch up with the lost time.  The time of departure from school will be written in the journal.  Regular attendance is expected of all students.  The School is responsible for students only during school hours.

 (b) No student is allowed to leave school premises during school hours without prior permission from the office.  Permission to leave will be given only on written request from the R.P. or in special circumstances such as in the case of sudden illness.  Even then the student will have to bring a letter the next day stating the time he/she arrived home the day before.  R.P. means Responsible Party, the legal person who has signed the Admission Form on the day of the enrolment of the studentThe Responsible Party shall be responsible of the student during his stay at the college.  The management will not accept any other person to represent the R.P.

(c) Any student who is absent MUST submit a letter of absence, addressed to the Rector the day he/she resumes stating the reasons of his/her absence, otherwise he/she may be sent back home.  Any student absent for more than 3 days should bring in a letter of absence together with a medical certificate.  Students, who are absent for four consecutive weeks without having informed the office, stating the reasons for such absences, are automatically considered to have left school.


 2.   Uniform

 School uniform is compulsory every day the student attends school.  This also applies whenever the student participates in any activity, including an official examination, in the school’s name.  Sanctions may be taken against students not abiding.  Students who fail to wear their school uniform may be sent back home to change.

For Boys:  It consists of a plain white shirt (i.e. with no printed design), shorts or trousers in the proper colour of the college uniform, and the London College Badge sewed on the left hand side of his shirt.  Boys are not allowed to wear their shirt outside their shorts or trousers, should have proper acceptable hair-cut, should be properly shaved.  No earing is allowed.

 For Girls:  It consists of a plain white blouse (i.e. with no printed design), a pinafore dress in the proper colour of the school uniform with buttons covered with the same fabric and crossed straps at the back as per diagram on back of journal.  The pinafore dress should be wide and must be at knee level, with the embroided London College badge sewed as per model at the back of journal.  Tight and short dress will not be accepted.  Please note that the embroided college badge should not be washed with JAVEL.

Students are not allowed to wear cap or any jewellery at school.  No make-up and no fancy hair cut or hair dyeing is allowed.  Students should wear white socks and proper shoes.  During PE classes, all students must wear the proper P.E outfit as specified by the management.  Students should arrive on school premises in uniform and leave the school premises also in uniform in the afternoon.


3.   Journal and School Requisites

 As from the first day of school all students must be in possession of a journal, all their books and the other class requisites.  They are recommended to use the LONDON COLLEGE EXERCISE BOOK.  The journal must be in the possession of the student everyday he attends school, must be well filled in, up-to-date and must be produced on demand.  It must be given to the Grade Teacher every even week to be signed and then R.P. must make it his/her duty to sign it.  Students should care for their personal belongings.  The management will not be held responsible for any cases of theft or loss.  However such cases should be immediately reported to the office for appropriate action.


4.  Examination and Reports


First Term Report will be based on 4 assessments (25 marks each) except for Grade 12 for which there will be only two assessments which can be subdivided according to subject or teacher, but the total marks must be 100.


Second Term Report will be based on 2 assessments which carry 20 % and an Internal examination carrying 80% of the marks.  For Grade 11 and Grade 13 there is no assessment during second term.  There will be only an internal mock exam (same pattern as S.C and H.S.C. Exams).


For Third Term there will be no assessment.  There will be only the end of year  exams.

The marks to be entered in the Report Book for the Third Term will be compiled as follows:-


                                                1st Term          2nd Term         3rd Term          Total


    Grade 7 to Grade 12           10%                10%                80%                100


(a) A high standard of honour and integrity is expected from all students.  Any student caught cheating during an examination or suspected to have cheated (e.g. when papers of different students are answered in same pattern, same paragraph, same mistakes etc) will be penalised.

(b) The management reserves the right to decide on the promotion of a student not present for exams (for acceptable reasons).

(c) A student who fails the same Grade twice, will not be accepted back at school.

(d) End of the year Examination Scripts are never returned to students.

(e) Report Books are usually given at the beginning of the next term and must be signed by the Responsible Party and returned to the office on the date specified by the management except for end of the year Examination Report which is usually issued during the first week of December and should be returned during the first week of the 1st Term of the next school calendar.


5.   School Discipline:

(a) All students should be in possession of a valid Student Identity Card.

(b) Good measures and basic forms of courtesy are essential parts of education.  Students should show respect towards their teachers, their parents and elders and even towards their classmates.

(c) Students are not allowed to discard waste anywhere on the school premises.  They must use the litter bins placed in or near their classrooms and in the school yard. 

(d) Students must not bring mobile phone, walkman, MP3 or any electronic gadget to school.

(e) Students should not leave money or any valuable object in their desk or in their school bag.  The school will not be responsible for any loss.  Parents are strongly advised not to give large sum of money to their children coming to school.

(f) Undesirable literature or pictures are strictly forbidden in the school.  Any student in breach with this regulation will be severely sanctioned.

(g) Students are not allowed to leave their classroom without teacher's permission.

(h) Students are also not allowed to enter the Staff Room, the Office, any Specialist Room and any classroom, other than their own, without a teacher's permission or permission from the office.

(i) Students are not allowed to change their seats on their own.  Each student is responsible for his desk, chair etc.  He/She will be responsible for any damage and will have to bear the cost of repair or replacement.

(j) Laziness, disobedience and misbehaviour will not be tolerated.

(k) Students bringing the school’s good reputation into disrepute through their bad behaviour, even outside school, will be dealt with firmly and sanctions taken.


6.   Extra Curricular Outdoor Activities and Outings

 A student taking part in any extracurricular outdoor activities/outings must submit a consent form signed by the Responsible Party, stating that the student is in good health and physically fit to participate in that activity and authorizing the student to participate, otherwise he/she will not be allowed to join in.  R.P must be aware that the school shall not be held responsible for any injury sustained by the student.  Students leaving school premises for extra-curricular activities must ensure that their names appear on the list submitted to the office, otherwise it will be considered that they have escaped classes.


      * No correcting fluid should be used in this journal.

      Any student not abiding by the school rules and regulations is liable to sanctions, including rustication or even expulsion.

The management of the school reserves the right to modify the rules any time during the year, without prior notice, if the need so arises.


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