Old londoners club

(Founded on 17th November 2000)

Objectives of the Old Londoners Club

The objectives of the Club are:-

The Club meets its objects by:-

The Club does not undertake any activity which might bring financial gain to its members, and does not have any political, racial, nor religious affiliation.

The membership of the Club is opened to all past-students of London College willing to contribute to the well-being and advancement of the Club.

Members pay an annual subscription fee of Rs 200/= for the running and administering of the Club.

The Club is managed by an Executive Committee with a maximum of 20 members, elected at an Annual General Meeting; 5 compliant members present shall form the quorum. The Constitution of the Executive Committee shall be:

(a) Officers : 

  1. President

  2. 1st Vice-President

  3. 2nd Vice-President

  4. Secretary

  5. Assistant Secretary

  6. Treasurer

  7. Assistant Treasurer

(b) Ordinary Members:

Not fewer than three and not more than thirteen members.

(c) Ex-Officio Members with no right to vote:-

Not more than two of the most recent Past Presidents and not more than three Representatives / Advisors recommended by the management of London College


Each member of the Executive Committee has one vote with the exception of the President who also has a casting vote. The Executive Committee may co-opt up to three members on to the Executive Committee, but they are not eligible to vote. The Executive Committee elects its own Officers annually.

The official address of the Club is :-

London College

30, Seeneevassen St


Rep. of Mauritius

General Meetings take place at least once a year and Executive Committee Meetings take place more than once each year. For the Annual General Meeting, the quorum shall be 15 including proxies.

Every member of the Club shall at all times so order his or her conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the Club, and safeguard the public interest in matters of safety, health and otherwise.


N.B. For further information about membership to Old Londoners Club, please click Here Membership or for any other information, e-mail one of the Executive Committee Members or London College at londoncollege@intnet.mu


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